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Best linen sheets 2020 | CNN Underscored

September 16, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

Our picks for the best linen sheets of 2020 include sets from Brooklinen, Parachute, Amazon and more.

The production process of linen is more complicated than regular cotton — many of the high-end linen sheet brands use flax made in Europe on small family farms, where the craft has been passed down over generations.

Some may not like the wrinkly look of linen after it’s washed, and may favor ironing their sheets, but others like the natural, slightly rumpled look and texture.

Compared to fabrics like cotton, linen sheets are expensive — we’re talking a median price of around $200 — but that high price is commensurate with the quality and craftsmanship of the fabric, which can last several more years than cotton.

We ended up washing, drying, making our bed and conducting plenty more tests (outlined below) over and over again with 10 different linen sheet sets in total.

Well made, luxurious to the touch and with the most versatile shopping options (six sizes, nine colors and the ability to order individual sheets), the linen sheets from Parachute were, by a narrow margin, our favorite set.

These were less than half the investment of some of the very high-end sheet sets we tested, without feeling the least bit like a consolation prize.

We tested 10 sets of linen sheets using two primary criteria: quality and variety.

Saphyr Soft Washed Pure Linen Sheet Set (starting at $279; saphyrhome. com)

Cultiver Linen Sheet Set With Pillowcases (starting at $325; cultiver. com)

When we opened this box, the contents — a gorgeous muted gray linen bag filled with a linen sheet set — somehow strangely smelled like fresh oranges.

Cultiver linen sheets come in four sizes and four colors, but you can buy separate flat and top sheets, a plus for a la carte shoppers, and the separates come in 14 — 14!

These are crafted from 100% European flax and are clearly a high-quality linen, as the printed material that comes with the sheets notes.

Lands’ End Garment Washed Linen Solid Sheets (starting at $224. 95; landsend. com)

We like Lands’ End apparel, for both style and value, and we liked its linen sheets.

Lands’ End offers linen sheets in four sizes (twin, full, queen and king) and five colors (light aqua, pewter, white, pale rose and rosette), and for $16 you can get them monogrammed in one of seven different fonts, which, for those who are monogram people, is a fun option (one that no other brand appeared to offer, and for which we awarded a couple extra points).

After one washing, though, the Rough Linen sheets softened significantly.

These definitely felt like sheets you could sleep in, wash, dry and sleep in again for many years to come, like a favorite shirt.

They come in six sizes: the four standard ones, plus California king and Supersize, a 125-inch-by-125-inch sheet that’s 9 inches deeper than a California king, as well as five colors (sky, light gray, natural, pure white and ivory), and you can order each linen replacement individually as needed.

West Elm Belgian Flax Linen Sheet Set (starting at $160, originally starting at $200; westelm. com)

Beloved home brand West Elm, like Lands’ End, makes a nice linen sheet set too, woven from Belgian flax in a fair-trade facility.

Snowe Linen Sheet Set (starting at $300; snowehome. com)

The Snowe linen set is made with Italian-made linen, woven from Belgian flax, and these sheets certainly feel high-end.

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