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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez: A timeline

June 9, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Should we really be surprised by Bennifer 2.0 given that Jennifer Lopez's 2002 album, "This Is Me...Then," contained a heartfelt singe titled, "Dear Ben?"

As Lopez and Ben Affleck are appearing out and about together more often recently and heating up the headlines, let's take a look back the duo's history.

Lopez and Affleck met on the set of the rom-com "Gigli," where they played criminals stuck on a job together and the pair strike up real-life friendship.

Lopez and Chris Judd file for divorce during the summer of 2002, but have reportedly been split for a bit by then.

"Jennifer Lopez and Cris Judd have announced they have resolved all issues arising out of their marriage," the couple's lawyers say a statement at the time.

Paparazzi photos began circulating of Lopez and Affleck smooching.

Lopez and Affleck make a stunning pair on the red carpet at the 75th Annual Academy Awards.

In her 2014 book, "True Love," Lopez reportedly wrote that the end of her relationship with Affleck was her first "real heartbreak" and "Marc came back into my life three days after I should have been at the altar saying 'I do' to another man. "

"They remain friends and continue to co-parent their three kids amicably," a source close to the couple told CNN at the time.

Affleck raved about Lopez to CNN while promoting his film, "The Way Back. "

Some confusion as Lopez and Rodriguez reportedly split, only to say days later in a statement that they were still a couple after all.

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