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Baby Owl 'Owlivia' Brings Sudbury Neighbors Together Through Backyard Webcam

April 29, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Sudbury residents are captivated by a baby owl that can be seen in its nest on a resident's webcam.

Dale Casto could see that the owlet had fallen about 70 feet from a nest on his Sudbury property.

“Anytime Todd is in the yard, Dale comes out to help him,” Todd’s wife Sam explained.

So I went and scoured our house for a s’mores drawer,” Todd said.

After filling the shallow drawer with leaves and pine branches and drilling it to the same tree the owlet fell from (reinforced with a bike rack from their garage) Todd was ready to carefully lift the bird into her new “nest. ” He used gloves so that his skin didn’t make contact with the bird.

Todd now sends her multiple videos a day. READ MORE: Sign Falls On Car In Malden As Strong Winds Cause Damage Across Massachusetts“They’re actually learning from this experience with another bird that fell—another owl that fell out of a nest in Lexington,” he said.

At a time when his neighbors worried that he would be lonely, Dale is surrounded by people who stop by for a glimpse of the nest and want to talk about the owl.

So that connection is also really sweet,” Dale said.

“It’s like your kids going off to college,” Sam said. MORE NEWS: Baby Otter Opens Eyes For 1st Time After Being Rescued From A Parking LotTodd agrees but adds, “I’ll be happy for her and her parents. ”

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