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Authorities issue warrants for 4 suspects in Georgia murder investigation

April 25, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has issued murder warrants for four suspects in connection with the death of 37-year-old Rossana Delgado, who was reported missing earlier this month.

In a news release Saturday, the GBI identified those wanted in connection with Delgado's murder as Megan Alyssa Colone, 30, who may be traveling with her minor children under the alias Grace Beda; Juan Ayala-Rodriguez, 35; Oscar Manuel Garcia, 26; and Mario Alberto Barbosa-Juarez, 29.

"It is believed that the four suspects plus a fifth suspect, that has yet to be identified, may no longer be in Georgia," the GBI's news release said.

Delgado was from Bethlehem, about an hour northeast of Atlanta, and was reported missing April 16 in Barrow County, Georgia, the GBI said in a news release.

Delgado's body was found four days later in north Georgia after the Gilmer County Sheriff's Office conducted a welfare check at a home in Cherry Log. Autopsy results in Delgado's death are pending, according to the GBI.

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