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ASX sounds crypto exchange custody warning, calls for better regulations

July 21, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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ASX has written a submission to Australia's Senate Select Committee on Financial Regulatory Technology calling for better custody of crypto assets on exchanges.

The Australia Securities Exchange (ASX) has weighed in on the issue of crypto custody amid the ongoing discussions within the country’s Senate Select Committee on Financial Regulatory Technology.

In a submission to the committee on July 16, ASX highlighted crypto custody on centralized exchanges as a significant risk factor for investors.

Apart from cybersecurity problems, the ASX submission to the Senate committee also stated that investors who chose crypto exchange custody run the risk of their funds being handled in an undisclosed or unauthorized manner.

While noting that cybersecurity risks are not unique to crypto exchanges alone, the ASX outlined measures such as regulation, appropriate asset capitalization, and insurance as quality assurance protocols imbibed by legacy asset custodians.

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