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As Car Companies Pledge To Go All-Electric In Coming Years, Designs Are Getting More Stylish

May 3, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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With many car companies pledging to go all electric in the next few years (Jaguar 2025, GM 2035, Land Rover 2030) we take a broad look at what’s on the market.

They were all driving all-electric vehicles.

One owner told me he can drive a thousand miles, for what amounts to about four dollars in electricity.

About three years after Prius though, is when Elon Musk and Tesla turned the electric market on when it comes to looks, and battery technology.

As for charging stations across the country, Tesla owner Lloyd McMaster told me their Tesla basically maps out places they will need to stop to fill up on electricity, on the very same map they’re using to navigate where they are going.

If you take any electric vehicle for a test drive, no matter the price point, you’re going notice two things right off the bat.

This was my first time ever being in an all-electric vehicle.

The reason for that incredible acceleration Buzz Smith told me, is the fact that the electric motor delivers 100% torque to the wheels, instantly.

They have an all-electric F-150 that is going to his showrooms by next year.

Buzz feels the tidal wave of battery-powered cars taking over the roads is building as we speak, but he feels that once EV trucks hit the market, sales of some of the most popular vehicles we drive in America, could tip the industry forever.

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