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Arrests and deportations of immigrants in US illegally drop under Biden with shift in priorities

April 7, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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The number of people arrested and deported for being in the US illegally has dropped under President Joe Biden after his administration narrowed its enforcement focus to those who may pose a threat or have criminal backgrounds, marking a shift from the policies under the Trump administration.

The ICE official said the changes have boiled down to "a lot more arrests of serious criminals than grandmas" and other so-called collateral arrests -- immigrants encountered by authorities who aren't the target of the arrest.

Succeeding with the new approach, the ICE official said, will take communication from the top to the field, repetition and a change in tone and messaging -- something the agency is working on "every day. "

The ICE official said Tuesday that there was a "lack of focus" at ICE during the Trump administration, adding that there are downsides to public safety when law enforcement agencies don't have a clear focus and allocation of resources.

"What we are trying to accomplish is, focus ICE's resources on items that are really truly public safety threats, national security threats and that help reinforce, help establish a strong border security," the ICE official said.

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