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Arrest made in murder of a Racine woman in the Rocky Mountains in 1982

March 3, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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39 years, 11,000 feet above sea level, 2 young women murdered, 2 orange socks, 1 man in custody.

After 39 years, Colorado law enforcement — spurred on by an obsessed, retired detective who refused to give up and thought he would die before the case was solved — say they have found the man who killed Bobbie Jo Oberholtzer in what had been known as the "Rocky Mountain Cold Case. "The suspect is Alan Lee Phillips, a 70-year-old, semi-retired mechanic who never left Colorado after he allegedly ended two lives there. Family shocked by newsOberholtzer was a 1971 Park High School graduate who still has family members living locally. On Monday, Lisa Laudenbach — a cousin of Oberholtzer’s who still lives in Racine — said she was at her mom’s when an aunt called.

Park County (Colo. ) Sheriff Tom McGraw said during a Wednesday news conference at the Colorado Bureau of Investigation in Lakewood, Colo. , that Phillips didn’t resist arrest even after finding out he was being charged with murder. Phillips didn’t make any statements, either. “We were working day in and day out on this case,” said District Attorney Linda Stanley, who was sworn in on Jan. 12, as investigators were already hot on Phillips' trail.

Tomorrow's another day, and you got stuff to do, and you see what might happen. "Added Mitch Morrissey, a retired district attorney who co-founded United Data Connect: “If you read the facts of this case, and you think about these two young, beautiful women that you’ve seen pictures of lying in the snow after being shot in the darkness by themselves, dying, basically freezing to death, it would make you not give up, like Charlie didn’t, and make you want to answer the question of who would do such a horrible thing to somebody. ”United Data Connect has helped solve numerous cold cases, several of which have links to Wisconsin: Its work helped convict three Wisconsin men in separate grizzly cases of rape and sexual assault. But forensic genetic genealogy analysis, which costs thousands of dollars per case, related to the killings of Schnee and Oberholtzer didn’t begin until the trails had been cold for decades. Two years ago, Merlo traveled with Oberholtzer’s daughter to Colorado to be part of an episode of “On the Case with Paula Zahn,” a crime program produced by the Investigation Discovery channel.

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