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Another battle Texans wage as they deal with the winter weather: Water

February 18, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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As millions across Texas battle power outages and freezing temperatures during the massive winter storm, one element has proved especially problematic -- water.

For firefighters at the San Antonio Fire Department, low water pressure because of the cold has meant they have to do more with less.

"We could hear water running down between the walls," Erickson said.

Hidalgo, the judge in Harris County, said over a million homes haven't had power and are thus experiencing water issues as some pipes burst from the cold.

The pipes, for example, some burst because of the water freezing," she said.

As of Wednesday, close to 7 million Texans are currently impacted by boil water notices, said Commissioner Toby Baker of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality -- a particularly grim number considering many may be without power with which to boil water.

The city's system needs time to recharge, Meek said, and if capacity went down again at treatment plants, the city would have to go under boil water notices.

Even once the water comes back, the city will be on a boil water advisory, a statement said.

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