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Analysis: What America's next pandemic year will look like

February 23, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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It's been nearly a year since the US recorded its first known Covid death, at a long-term care facility in Washington state. In hindsight, we'd learn there had been Covid deaths here earlier in February and that the pandemic was already seeping through the population by the time we began taking drastic measures to slow it.

Former President Donald Trump beat impeachment in Congress, but the Supreme Court dealt him a blow Monday with its decision to allow the release of his tax returns to New York District Attorney Cyrus Vance, who is investigating 2016 hush money payments, Trump's inaugural committee and more.

What happens now with Trump's tax returns?

WHAT MATTERS: What are we in the public likely to see from Trump's tax returns as a result of this move by the Supreme Court today?

POLANTZ: Cy Vance in New York is seeking the Trump tax returns for a grand jury investigation.

So practically speaking, that means Trump could, after all these years, announce details of his taxes himself or allow Mazars to.

Of course, there always could be leaks -- and in this case, Trump's tax returns were leaked to The New York Times shortly before the 2020 election.

WHAT MATTERS: Along with the tax investigations, authorities in Georgia are looking at Trump's pressure on state voting officials after the 2020 election.

How big is the universe of cases Trump is facing?

POLANTZ: There has always been a universe of questions related to criminal law surrounding Trump and the entities he leads since he became president -- starting with the Russia investigation.

But Trump has had lots of reasons to consult with white-collar defense attorneys for years, including for reasons like arguing for his privacy, approaching questions or subpoenas carefully, and, if he needs it, handling the various stages of a grand jury investigation.

WHAT MATTERS: The Supreme Court gave Trump a win when it dismissed "emoluments" cases against him.

Essentially, Trump's years in office kicked up dust in a lot of dark corners of our system of governance, about the separation of powers and the Constitution, and not all of the questions he raised will be answered.

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