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Analysis: TV news is realigning, with Fox's ratings sagging and CNN's soaring

January 16, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Fox News Channel's ratings have sagged since Election Day as CNN's ratings surge to historic levels.

Fox News Channel's ratings have sagged ever since Election Day. And CNN's ratings have surged to historic levels.

CNN is benefiting and Fox is not.

Fox is also under pressure from the right like never before, with channels like Newsmax and One America News chipping away at Fox's core audience.

Fox's audience has always skewed older, so Fox has always had total viewer bragging rights, even when CNN notched victories in younger demographics.

January 6, which began with Senate runoff news and continued with the pro-Trump riot at the Capitol, was CNN's most-watched day in its history.

Fox sources say that some viewers have sampled Newsmax, yes, but many have just chosen to turn off the news altogether.

Fox is focusing on what it calls "Big Tech censorship" instead, but I strongly suspect that most people want news about the terror threat right now, not Twitter.

That's one of the big questions in TV news circles right now: How long will CNN remain ahead of Fox?

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