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Analysis: Trump's coronavirus problem isn't getting better

September 13, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

With just 51 days until the 2020 election, it will be here before you know it. Every Sunday, I deliver to your inbox the 5 BIG storylines you need to know to understand the upcoming week on the campaign trail. And they're ranked -- so the No. 1 story is the most important of the coming week.

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg isn't done dipping into his massive personal fortune to beat Trump in the fall.

Bloomberg will spend upwards of $100 million in Florida alone between now and Election Day, a massive sum in a state that Trump won in 2016 and simply cannot afford to lose in November.

Biden has, without question, kept a lighter schedule than Trump who, in pursuit of acting as though the coronavirus is gone (or going), has taken to holding in-person rallies with thousands of attendees -- many of whom are unmasked.

A set of Siena College/New York Times polls in swing states -- Nevada, Minnesota, New Hampshire and Minnesota -- released last week suggests he is losing that fight.

Trump, because he is Trump, will likely not back away from his fear tactics around "law and order," largely because he knows that he simply cannot win an election centered on the coronavirus.

But these new swing state numbers suggest that Trump has a lot of selling still do on the issue between now and November.

We are "rounding the corner" in the fight against the coronavirus, Trump told the audience at a campaign rally in Nevada on Saturday night.

A new ABC/Ipsos poll puts Trump's approval on his handling of COVID-19 at 35%, the fourth straight ABC poll that has shown the President with a rating in the mid-to-low 30s on coronavirus.

In the CNN poll of polls, Biden leads Trump 51% to 43%, and there has been no discernible movement upwards for the incumbent in recent weeks.

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