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Analysis: Trump has always refused to see the difference between truth and lies

September 16, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

In the world according to Donald Trump, the years bring little change.

Within the Trump organization -- and, by extension, within his White House -- the political alchemists try to spin the lies into truths, or half-truths, or plausible truths.

After Trump's misleading comments at an ABC town hall on "herd mentality" as a way to get rid of the virus, White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said the President addressed it "very clearly. "

At a certain point, as Woodward implies, Trump believes his own lies.

Trump is lucky he didn't testify before special counsel Robert Mueller -- as he once said he wanted to (or was that a lie, too?).

And they know Trump lies because he knows no other way.

So his lawyers wrote his answers to Mueller, his former White House counsel Don McGahn kept quiet and Trump minimized the coronavirus as simply the flu when he knew how dangerous it was.

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