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Analysis of CCTV footage from Lekki toll gate raises new questions about shooting

November 24, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

It was supposed to be the key piece of evidence. But when it came, the Lagos State government's CCTV footage of the Lekki toll gate shooting didn't capture everything.

The footage from the security camera overlooking the toll gate in Lagos, Nigeria was played during Saturday's session of an eight-person judicial panel set up to investigate police brutality and the now-disbanded Special Anti-Robbery Squad -- the primary focus of thousands-strong protests in the city that lasted for almost two weeks in October.

The panel is also charged by the Lagos State government with probing the shooting of protesters at the Lekki toll gate on the evening of October 20 and into the early hours of October 21.

At 6:47 p. m. , the moment when CNN has video of the army appearing to fire directly at protesters, the surveillance camera pans away from the area.

The surveillance footage once again raises questions about the investigation into what happened at the Lekki toll gate protest -- and why surveillance video from the evening does not provide a more complete picture.

The army has repeatedly said the soldiers deployed to the toll gate fired into the air and not at protesters directly.

However, social media footage -- submitted by the army's own counsel to the panel on Saturday -- featured an eyewitness saying, "they are shooting at protesters. " It appeared to be the same video that CNN geo-located which was shot from the nearby Oriental Hotel in Lekki on October 20.

In response to CNN's investigation, the Nigerian government said the news organization should be sanctioned and alleged that doctored videos were used, describing the reporting as "fake news" and "misinformation. "

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