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Analysis: Joe Manchin on the fate of Joe Biden's agenda

April 9, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Joe Manchin says it's no fun being the most powerful man in Washington.

(CNN)Joe Manchin says it's no fun being the most powerful man in Washington.

It might surprise some of his fellow Democrats, however, to learn that Manchin now appears to believe that the appropriate response to those horrific events is to prevent either side in the Senate from exerting their will over the other.

"I've watched people that had power and abused it," Manchin said.

It is not clear at this point whether Manchin's positions are absolute -- or could be modified by events if, for instance, the Republicans with whom he wants Biden to compromise stonewall the President.

And there appears to be no common ground between Democrats who believe Republicans are already acting to steal the next election with a flurry of state bills that narrow access to voting and Republicans who believe Democratic voter reform efforts in Washington amount to an unconstitutional power grab.

Again, many Democrats -- keen to take advantage of what could be a fleeting moment of power in Washington with their thin majorities in the House and Senate -- will be infuriated with Manchin's position.

Still, Democrats may find the logic of Manchin's arguments about the Capitol insurrection hard to understand.

I never thought in my life, I never read in the history books to where our form of government had been attacked, at our seat of government, which is Washington, DC, at our Capitol, by our own people," Manchin told CNN.

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