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Analysis: In one of the world's most polluted cities, winter comes with the added fear of Covid-19

October 16, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

India's capital New Delhi is bracing for the annual pollution season to begin.

India reported 63,371 new Covid-19 cases and 895 deaths on Friday, with the nationwide number of infections more than 7. 3 million -- the second most cases globally behind the United States.

Passengers from New Zealand arrived at Sydney's International Airport today on the first flight of a one-way travel bubble that allows quarantine-free travel.

One-way bubble: Around 70,000 Australians live in New Zealand, and they've been kept apart from their families and friends back home for months dues to coronavirus travel restrictions.

However, nearly 10 times that number of New Zealanders live in Australia -- but they will have to wait for quarantine-free travel home.

Initially, the travel bubble is only one-way, from New Zealand to Australia, and a limited number of destinations will be included in the deal, according to Australian Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack.

The rules: McCormack said earlier this month that New Zealanders who hadn't been in a coronavirus hotspot in the previous 14 days would be allowed to enter Australia without having to isolate.

The Australian Department of Health had determined that New Zealand posed a "low risk" of Covid-19 transmission to Australia.

Ardern said on October 2 that New Zealanders who take up the Australian offer will still have to quarantine on their return.

The United States reported 63,610 new Covid-19 cases and 820 new virus-related deaths on Thursday, according to Johns Hopkins University.

On Thursday, a new model from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington School of Medicine, forecasted there will most likely be about 389,087 deaths -- or 78% more fatalities -- in the US by February 1.

As of Thursday, the nation is averaging 52,345 new cases a day, up 16% from the previous week, a trend that concerns health experts as the country heads into the cooler months.

The US state of Idaho's state epidemiologist Dr. Christine Hahn said in a news conference on Thursday that until the Covid-19 hospitalization numbers improve, she does not think the state "can move out of stage 4. "

New cases: Nationwide, Japan recorded 707 new Covid-19 cases and four new deaths on Thursday, the highest increase since September 10.

An influential model of the coronavirus pandemic predicts 389,087 Covid-19 fatalities in the US by Feb. 1 -- 6,000 fewer deaths than the previous forecast, even though the researchers behind the model say the spread of the virus is worsening.

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