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Analysis: How this Republican became the most hated man in his party

November 17, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger speaks during a news conference on Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2020, in Atlanta. Georgia election officials have announced an audit of presidential election results that will trigger a full hand recount. (AP Photo/Brynn Anderson)

A week ago almost no one outside of Georgia had ever heard the name Brad Raffensperger. Today? He's the most hated man in Republican politics.

Raffensperger is the secretary of state in Georgia, and as such, is in charge of the state's election.

Which means that he is the lightning rod for President Donald Trump's ire about losing the state and ongoing pressure campaign to find a way to make sure that the full manual recount, which Raffensperger ordered last week, overturns the current result.

"Georgia Secretary of State, a so-called Republican (RINO), won't let the people checking the ballots see the signatures for fraud," tweeted Trump on Friday.

In advance of that runoff victory, Raffensperger won the endorsement of -- wait for it -- President Donald Trump.

"Brad Raffensperger will be a fantastic Secretary of State for Georgia - will work closely with @BrianKempGA," tweeted the President on November 26, 2018.

The runoff (and the job) had drawn national attention even before Trump's endorsement because the man Raffensperger was running to replace, Brian Kemp, had just been elected governor by a very narrow margin over Democrat Stacey Abrams.

Raffensperger, despite the controversy, cast himself as a candidate who would follow in Kemp's footsteps particularly in regard to the state's strict voter ID law.

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