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Analysis: How Joe Biden was Donald Trump's kryptonite

January 16, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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President Donald Trump seemed to be a teflon president. It didn't matter how big things seem to get -- Trump's political career seemed to be impermeable. That was until Trump ran into President-elect Joe Biden.

That was until Trump ran into President-elect Joe Biden.

Now, Trump is just days away from leaving office and Biden is about to be inaugurated.

Some of the lowest points for Trump over the last two years revolved around Biden.

Biden didn't do anything directly to cause Trump to commit the actions that led to his impeachment.

Trump likely was looking at polling data that showed Biden, among the top contenders in the Democratic primary, was beating Trump in a general election matchup by the most and was better liked than Trump's 2016 opponent, Hillary Clinton.

What perhaps Trump didn't realize was that he was playing right into Biden's hands.

His efforts seem to prove an important point for Biden: Biden was the Democrat Trump feared most at a time when Democrats were more likely than ever to prioritize electability over issue agreement.

Democrats got the message Trump was sending and nominated Biden.

Second, Biden defeated Trump in his re-election attempt.

Biden did so by doing minimal campaigning, as Trump seemingly went everywhere during the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump appeared in the top paragraph of stories nearly 80% of the time that had either Biden or Trump in them during the general election campaign, according to NewsLibrary. com.

The same measurement found Trump was only in about 60% of them during the 2016 general election campaign in a similar reading of Clinton vs.

Trump just couldn't seem to believe that he lost the election to Biden, which many of his supporters couldn't as well.

During the transition period, Biden has been actively planning his presidency and not spending too much time publicly worrying about Trump's false claims of voter fraud.

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