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Analysis: GOP's Trump obsession is giving Biden an opening

April 7, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Donald Trump has left the White House, but the Republican Party just can't quit his stunt politics.

(CNN)Donald Trump has left the White House, but the Republican Party just can't quit his stunt politics.

The party has spent the first months of the Biden administration rewriting electoral laws to suppress minority votes, denying the truth of Trump's Capitol insurrection, raging against vaccine passports and trashing science with state openings that threaten to cause unnecessary pandemic deaths.

In fact, what Georgia voters rejected at the ballot box -- causing the GOP to change the laws -- was a second term for Trump and two Republican senators.

It is the multiple scandals ripping around Trump protegé Rep. Matt Gaetz, the latest being a New York Times report Tuesday night that alleged the Florida Republican sought a preemptive pardon for himself and congressional allies at the end of the ex-President's time in office.

The party's strategy does reflect the views of much of its activist base voters -- among whom Trump remains deeply popular in an audience that is fully bought into the ex-President's lies about the last election being stolen.

There is no sign for example that Republicans have an alternative plan to help out the many elderly and disabled Americans who need home health care -- who the President is targeting under his expanded definition of "infrastructure. " It may also be a risk to oppose a hike in the corporate tax rate from 21% to 28% after big business got a windfall during the Trump years.

Rejecting criticism of Georgia's restrictive voting rights law, Republican Gov. Brian Kemp essentially ripped a page from Trump's playbook when dealing with the fallout of Major League Baseball pulling this summer's All-Star Game from Atlanta.

After calling this past weekend for Republicans to boycott the corporations that are speaking up on voting rights, Trump weighed in with similar mockery of "woke" corporations during an interview with Newsmax on Tuesday: "They're woke and woke is not good for our country.

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