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Analysis: Donald Trump's ridiculous attempt to downplay Bob Woodward's book

September 10, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

President Donald Trump speaks at the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse and Museum, Tuesday, Sept.. 8, 2020, in Jupiter, Fla. (AP Photo/John Raoux)

Seeking refuge amid a blizzard of negative press coverage over comments he made to Bob Woodward about purposely downplaying the threat from the coronavirus in March, President Donald Trump went on Sean Hannity's Fox News show Wednesday night in hopes of explaining himself.

Unlike Hannity's usual approach of ignoring the big news of the day when interviewing the President, he actually led off with the news of Woodward's book and even noted that he was "surprised" that Trump talked to Woodward, the legendary Washington Post journalist, because "I don't think a lot of good comes from talking to Bob Woodward. " (Here's why Trump did it. )

Then Hannity asked Trump directly why he decided to participate in the Woodward book.

So, according to Trump, Woodward does "constant hit jobs. " Which begs the questions: Why would you sit down with someone like that for an interview?

Then there's this Trump contention: He "probably, almost definitely" won't read Woodward's "Rage" because he doesn't "have time to read it. "

Because Trump did have the time to do 18 -- EIGHTEEN -- interviews with Woodward between December 5, 2019 and July 21, 2020.

Trump participated -- and boy did he participate -- with Woodward because a) he wasn't part of Woodward's first book about his administration, "Fear," b) he is obsessed with is legacy and c) Woodward is a star and Trump likes stars.

Yes, there's definitely a journalistic ethics question about whether Woodward (or the Post) should have written in real time that Trump knew Covid-19 was worse than was being publicly reported and actively downplayed the threat it posed.

Trump made time -- lots and lots of time -- to talk to Woodward because he thought he could convince the veteran journalist that the narrative about his presidency was wrong.

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