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Analysis: A tapestry of testimony in the trial into George Floyd's death

April 2, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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The trial into George Floyd's death was never going to be comfortable to watch. But trauma in the courtroom is mounting every day, projecting a compelling and tragic drama across America.

And the dignity and decency of a multi-racial group of witnesses — whom one prosecution lawyer "a veritable bouquet of humanity" — has created some of the most affecting moments yet: Videos showed witnesses pleading with Chauvin to let Floyd get up as he cried for his mother, or to call an ambulance after he lost consciousness.

With the US-Canada border closed and Covid raging in the True North, they'll be playing home games in Florida before a likely move to their minor league affiliate's stadium in Buffalo — just across the Niagara River from Canada.

Biden also said he'd support moving this year's baseball All Star Game out of Atlanta, as called for by civil rights groups to protest a discriminatory new voting law in Georgia.

Major League Baseball's Commissioner Rob Manfred said the sport was always opposed to infringements of voting rights -- but he bunted on the question of whether the game should be moved, citing complicated logistics.

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