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Analysis: 7 of the 10 most expensive Senate races EVER are happening right now

October 15, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

Senate races are absolutely awash in campaign dollars, as donors large and small pour cash into a dozen or so competitive contests that will decide which party controls the majority in 2021.

On Thursday alone, Arizona Democratic nominee Mark Kelly announced that he had raised almost $39 million in just the last three months while in Montana, Democratic Senate candidate Steve Bullock raked in nearly $27 million over that same time.

In fact, of the 10 most expensive Senate races ever, seven of them are happening in the 2020 election, according to calculations made by Advertising Analytics, a firm that tracks TV ad spending in political contests.

1. North Carolina Senate 2020: $242 million

2. Iowa Senate 2020: $195 million

3. Florida Senate 2018: $176 million

4. Arizona Senate 2020: $165 million

5. Montana Senate 2020: $143 million

6. South Carolina Senate 2020: $140 million

7. Maine Senate 2020: $140 million

8. Pennsylvania Senate 2016: $138 million

9. Georgia Senate 2020: $128 million

New Hampshire Senate 2016: $127 million

2. Iowa: Theresa Greenfield (D) $37 million vs.

3. Arizona: Mark Kelly (D) $54 million vs.

4. Montana: Steve Bullock (D) $29 million vs.

In six of these seven most expensive races, the combined Democratic ad spending is higher than the total Republican ad spending -- often by tens of millions of dollars.

In Iowa, for example, Democrats have spent $118 million on ads as compared to $77 million for Republican.

In Arizona, it's $102 million for Democrats to just $63 million for Republicans.

The only race of the seven where the spending is roughly equivalent is Georgia, where Democrats have dropped $63 million on ads, just under Republicans' $64 million.

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