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An audiobooks app will tell unheard African stories

January 16, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Afrikan Echoes, a new audiobooks app from Ghanaian tech entrepreneur Herman Chinery-Hesse, aims to breathe new life into Africa's long tradition of oral storytelling.

African storytellers from across the continent will be able to pitch their stories to Afrikan Echoes by sending voice notes in their native language.

Chinery-Hesse believes Afrikan Echoes will allow Africans who cannot read the opportunity to consume stories from the continent.

Funded by SOFTtribe, Afrikan Echoes currently runs out of Chinery-Hesse's home in Freetown, Sierra Leone, and is stocked with recording equipment that is used to record up to five stories a week.

Michala Mackay, the chief operating officer and director of the Directorate of Science, Technology and Innovation in Sierra Leone, predicts the app will improve digitization in Africa, as well as educating children and giving people opportunities to tell stories the African way.

"Afrikan Echoes gives you the opportunity to tell your story as you know it, in another language that somebody else in another country whom you have no connection with, can understand, learn from, and be able to experience the same experiences that you have. "

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