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Amy Coney Barrett's answers were murky but her conservative philosophy is clear

October 15, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

Barrett appears to be more conservative than any Supreme Court candidate since the 1991 appointment of Justice Clarence Thomas.

With Barrett, a devout Catholic and mother of seven who has written as a scholar on faith and law, that could mean more than rejection of the 1973 case that said women have a constitutional right to end a pregnancy.

Consider how Roberts answered a question about that case during his 2005 confirmation hearing: "I agree with the Griswold Court's conclusion that marital privacy extends to contraception and availability of that," Roberts told senators after he had been nominated by Republican President George W.

"The court since Griswold has grounded the privacy right discussed in that case in the liberty interest protected under the (Constitution's) Due Process Clause. "

Justice Samuel Alito, another Bush nominee and further to the right than Roberts, endorsed the Griswold case during his 2006 Senate hearing.

In her hearings this week, Barrett established a new pattern of silence as she declined to reveal her view on the Griswold privacy precedent.

She may have wanted to avoid comment on federal protections for voting rights -- a hot topic at the high court -- but she was being asked to express mere agreement with Roberts' statement about lingering voter bias

To persistent replay of the Harris query on voting, Barrett said she would agree that general racial bias still exists, but she would not comment on discrimination at the polls that has been a national concern.

Later, in follow-up questioning from Harris, Barrett said, "If a case comes before me involving environmental regulation, I will certainly apply all applicable law deferring when the law requires me to.

Graham defended Barrett's limited answers in testimony, saying she was adhering to the practice of past nominees to the high court.

Acknowledging that Ginsburg had revealed her views regarding abortion rights in her 1993 hearings, Graham said Ginsburg "embraced the pro-choice point of view. "

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