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America's secret weapon against a plummeting world population

July 16, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

Frida Ghitis writes that although a new study, predicting the decline of the global population sooner than later and its disastrous impact on economic growth, shows how immigration can offset the financial calamity in places like the US, there is no guarantee that the US will embrace immigration -- even to save itself.

(CNN)The only way the United States can remain the world's most prosperous, powerful country is by embracing immigration.

That's the inescapable conclusion from a new study published on Tuesday in the Lancet that predicts the world's population will peak far sooner than anticipated, and start shrinking before the end of this century.

Such heartless political measures flout America's founding principles -- but are also out of step with public opinion on immigration: an overwhelming majority of Americans -- 77%, according to a recent 2020 Gallup poll- say it is good for the country.

To keep the population unchanged, women must have an average of 2. 1 babies, the replacement fertility rate, the study found.

The obvious solution is to allow workers from countries where the population continues to grow or exceeds job opportunities, to make up for shortfalls.

China, America's principal economic and geostrategic rival, will shrink from the current 1. 4 billion to 730 million, the study predicts.

The study optimistically predicts that the collapse in fertility rates in the US will be offset by -- that's right -- immigration.

The crisis was temporarily stalled by immigrants, but a right-wing government built its political support by attacking migrants, and now Italy is entering a "demographic recession," whose solution will not please nativist demagogues.

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