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American, Delta, Frontier to require passengers to wear face masks

April 30, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

Three US airlines announced that passengers will soon be required to wear face masks on future flights

(CNN) — Today three major US airlines separately announced they were going to require their passengers to wear masks.

Earlier this week Delta communicated that airline employees were now required to wear face masks and stated that passengers "were strongly encouraged" to cover their faces.

Today, Delta released a new statement, pivoting from encouraging face masks to requiring them on all passenger flights starting May 4, the same date as Jet Blue.

American Airlines made similar announcements, earlier this week regarding flight attendants wearing masks, and today extending that requirement to passengers.

"American Airlines will soon require all customers traveling to wear a face covering (or mask) while on board the aircraft starting May 11," their statement read.

The airline goes on to add that it may take a few weeks to roll out these provisions across their operation, and in the interim, "customers should bring their own masks or face coverings. "

"Frontier Airlines will begin requiring that passengers wear a face covering over their nose and mouth at the airline's ticket counters, gate areas and onboard Frontier aircraft, effective May 8, 2020.

Face coverings have been required for Frontier flight crews since April 13. "

AFA President Sara Nelson, representing 50,000 flight attendants from 20 airlines, including United and Frontier added, "We're happy to see airlines taking action to require masks or face coverings for passengers, crew and other frontline employees.

We continue to call on the federal government -- whether it be DOT, FAA, DHS, CDC -- to require masks for crew, frontline employees and all passengers. "

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