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‘All I can say is months’: Officials confirm long-term closure of I-40 Bridge

May 19, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Tennessee Governor Bill Lee made a stop in Tuesday Memphis to assess progress on the Hernando de Soto bridge repair.

“But the premium goal is safety. ”Here are the alternate routes to get you around the I-40 bridge closureWhen asked for a comment on the terminated employee, Hutchinson believes Tudor showed great leadership to give people confidence the state is taking it seriously. Every bridge that the terminated employee inspected will be re-inspected by ARDOT and third-party companies. Lee said the bridge will be repaired to be structurally sound for now and in the future. “We are trying to be as transparent as possible,” Lee said on updates. According to officials, contact with several transportation companies to give them updates on the commerce situation. Engineering professor says more problems could be found during bridge repairs“We will be monitoring the commerce and the bridge repairs,” Hutchinson said. Lee was asked if they are talking about building a third bridge and he said their first priority is the repair of the I-40 bridge. Both governors thanked all those in government offices that have reached out to help get the I-40 bridge back up and running plus the funds to get it fixed. Contractor to fix I-40 Bridge announced; employee who inspected bridge terminatedPhase One is getting 35 foot long plates on either side of the bridge which is being fabricated Wednesday and Thursday in Kentucky and TDOT is on standby to bring them to the job site. Phase Two will bring in equipment and resources to cut the fracture out of the bridge to replace. Officials started at 11 a. m. Tuesday inspecting the I-55 bridge for any safety concerns for travelers since most I-40 bridge traffic has been diverted to the I-55 bridge. ARDOT said two teams will continue work on the I-55 Bridge.

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