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After neighbor reportedly kills 2 pets, Warren County families desperate for police help

May 4, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Residents in a Warren County neighborhood say there is a man there killing pets, and police aren't doing enough to stop him.

Until one day, in March, Fincher's wife saw something horrifying. “She will swear to it, that she stood right here and watched that man swerve and hit that dog,” Fincher said. Fincher says Blue was hit by a neighbor with the front and back tires.

“It was flip offs and ‘f*** you,’” Fincher said. And what's more, the man who Fincher says did it, had been caught on camera, vowing to kill. “Then he finally did it,” Fincher said. Ashley Kindschi, another neighbor nearby, believes the same man also killed her cat Ralph several months ago.

He wouldn't do an interview and told us he had nothing to add to the story. “They said there is nothing they can do, because there are no laws out here in Warren County that can really have anything to do with it,” Fincher said. “It’s a Class A misdemeanor and it’s a very serious offense,” said Bob Baker with the Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation. He says intentionally killing an animal, even on your property, for no reason, is a crime.

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