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After 150 Amazon packages arrived at a woman's home by mistake, she decided to donate the contents to local hospitals

June 22, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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A New York woman is giving back to the community after more than 150 Amazon boxes that did not belong to her showed up at her house.

Jillian Cannan told CNN started receiving packages at her home on June 5 thinking they were related to her business.

Cannan thought the packages were weird but just thought it was an honest mistake, until more started showing up.

She called Amazon and explained the situation, and was told to keep the packages and put in a ticket for the mistake.

Cannan called Amazon again, but no one could figure out if the packages were part of a scam or just a common mistake.

Cannan said Amazon worked really hard to try to get the packages to stop.

Amazon finally figured out who was supposed to be getting the mask brackets, so Cannan brainstormed with her business partner to figure out a way to use them.

To make it even better, the duo asked Amazon to donate the rest of the supplies for Cannan's inconvenience, and the company agreed.

Cannan said a few other companies are pitching in as well.

"It's kind of taken on this own little life of its own and it's really cool that people want to be able to give back and do something," Cannan said.

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