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Accenture to hire 150 moms for 'highly coveted roles'

February 18, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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One of the largest consulting companies in the world is making a major commitment -- to moms.

The company said the roles will offer the new hires flexibility, support, training and mentorship.

To help find and hire candidates, Accenture is partnering with The Mom Project, a marketplace that connects professional women with companies.

They're highly coveted roles in technology and in consulting, they're the type of roles that enable them to support their family," said Lee Moore, senior managing director for Accenture Midwest, who is heading up the partnership.

The partnership with the Mom Project is one way the company believes it can reach their goal, and the 150 new hires is just the start, said Moore.

"I really have no choice but to have a remote job," said Conner, who has been using the Mom Project's platform for her job search.

The availability and the affordability are major barriers to moms and parents being able to work," said Robinson.

For its part, Accenture says it hopes to hire more moms in other divisions of the company soon.

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