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About 50 people were vaccinated at a Florida site despite being ineligible

March 7, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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A group of individuals went to a Florida City vaccination center and told staff they were health care workers.

Florida City, Florida (CNN)About 50 people were vaccinated Saturday at a site in south Florida despite not being eligible, according to a Federal Emergency Management Agency spokesperson.

It all began when "some individuals" arrived at a vaccination site in Florida City, about 40 miles south of Miami, and told staff they were health care workers, FEMA spokesperson Marty Bahamonde told CNN on Sunday.

"Those people then went out and told their friends, 'Hey, I went in and just said this and got a free vaccine. ' And more and more people started to come in and then the word got out that people were getting vaccine who didn't meet the governor's criteria. "

The news of the vaccinations at the Florida City site hit social media, which sent flocks of people to the site trying to get a vaccine Sunday.

Various groups of people told CNN they had been waiting for more than six hours to get vaccinated, and some of them were turned down.

A lot of people in my family also have autoimmune diseases so we're just trying our best to get vaccinated as soon as possible," Saima Haque told CNN.

Even though they waited for about seven hours, neither he nor his sister received a vaccine Sunday because FEMA representatives told them and others that any leftover vaccine would be sent to the county's main FEMA-supported site on the Miami-Dade College North campus.

Kanushri Wadhwa, 29, told CNN she has an underlying health condition and was able to get a vaccine Sunday.

Another FEMA spokesperson told CNN on Sunday that community vaccination centers are led by states and may be supported by federal government entities, including FEMA.

State government also determines vaccination priorities and procedures, and FEMA does not determine who is eligible for a vaccine, the spokesperson said.

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