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A Wisconsin couple couldn't fly their Pride flag, so they lit up their home like a rainbow

June 10, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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On May 31, Memo Fachino and his husband, Lance Mier, set up six floodlights -- one for each color of the standard Pride flag -- and pointed them toward the front of their brick home. The display bathes the house in a rainbow glow all night long.

(CNN)Memo Fachino and his husband, Lance Mier, have flown a Pride flag in front of their Wisconsin home for five years.

So when their neighborhood homeowners' association enacted a new policy last month that barred residents from flying anything other than an American flag, Fachino found a workaround -- and turned his home into the Pride flag.

Fachino, who sits on the board of his neighborhood in Racine, told CNN that he doesn't believe there was any "ill intent" from the management company that runs the HOA, which asked Fachino to remove the physical Pride flag.

But the HOA's guidelines do allow for "removable lighting" in front of single-family homes like Fachino's.

It was important to Fachino to keep his home's Pride flag up in some form -- a few years ago, he said, a neighbor struggling with their gender identity wrote to the couple and thanked them for displaying the flag.

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