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A rare interstellar comet reveals its secrets and 5 other top space and science stories this week

April 3, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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This image shows an artist???s impression of what the surface of the 2I/Borisov comet might look like.?? 2I/Borisov was a visitor from another planetary system that passed by our Sun in 2019, allowing astronomers a unique view of an interstellar comet. While telescopes on Earth and in space captured images of this comet, we don???t have any close-up observations of 2I/Borisov. It is therefore up to artists to create their own ideas of what the comet???s surface might look like, based on the scientific information we have about it.??

Welcome to Wonder Theory, your weekly space and science digest. An interstellar comet that entered our solar system is revealing its secrets, the Curiosity rover snapped a new selfie, researchers unearthed a fearsome dinosaur, and more.

(CNN)Coming soon: Watch out for the upcoming launch of Wonder Theory, the first-ever CNN space and science newsletter.

Welcome to Wonder Theory, your weekly space and science digest.

The CNN Space and Science team has produced a veritable sandbox of space and dinosaur stories, among other fascinating science news articles, that delighted and amazed us this week.

An unusual visitor from another planetary system appeared in our solar system two years ago.

Like in our own solar system early on, the presence of giant planets and their gravity may have caused this mix, stirring up material throughout the system.

The brain case of the dinosaur revealed it had a small air-filled sinus in the middle ear zone, which likely caused it to hear differently -- and better -- than other predators.

Check back here next Saturday for the next edition of Wonder Theory, brought to you by CNN Space and Science writer Ashley Strickland, who finds wonder in planets beyond our solar system and discoveries from the ancient world.

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