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A paralyzed adventurer designed a mountain bike for people with disabilities to explore the outdoors

September 13, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

Nearly 25 years ago, Christian Bagg was snowboarding in Canada's Banff National Park when he crashed and broke his back, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down.

Decades after his accident, Bagg founded Bowhead Corp, a company that designs bikes for people with physical disabilities.

These specialized bikes allow them to ride up and down rough terrains, climb mountains and even make impressive jumps.

The idea was born in 2008 in his basement, where Bagg, a machinist, worked alone to create a bike that would give him the ability to find adventures wherever he pleased without needing help or holding his friends back.

"The emotions I got from hearing her say that was greater than any emotion I had riding the bike.

In 2018, Bagg founded Bowhead Corp and began designing bikes for disabled people around the world.

His bike comes in one main design, the Bowhead Reach.

Bagg and his team is committed to customizing the bike with whatever upgrades or design changes are necessary to make sure anyone with a physical disability can ride one.

"Anyone who wants to ride a bike, we will endeavor to figure out how they can," he said.

With Bowhead Corp growing -- and more than 200 orders already in for the upcoming year -- Bagg hopes that his bike is just the first of many technological advancements that will allow people with physical disabilities to go wherever they dream of going, or returning to the places they thought they'd never see again.

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