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A national museum where veterans, not war, come first

November 10, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

The National Veterans Memorial and Museum in Columbus, Ohio, puts the stories of veterans first. Learn about their journeys from the decision to serve to life after service.

Columbus, Ohio (CNN) — Military museums across the United States and around the world often offer visitors glimpses of world wars, commemorating the men and women who sacrificed their lives for their country.

The National Veterans Memorial and Museum has a broader goal: to represent veterans -- not just war.

Columbus, Ohio's capital and largest city, is where the National Veterans Memorial and Museum resides.

Museum participants, veterans whose stories are told through the various installations, and organizers believe that the narratives shared in the museum haven't yet been told -- not in this way, not this thoroughly.

The museum's installations indicate that it is neither a war memorial nor a military museum.

Guy Worley, president of Columbus Downtown Development Corporation, wants the museum to "connect, inspire and educate" young people.

Because veterans' stories are complicated and nuanced, the museum takes visitors on a multileg journey.

When Moe stands before a replica of his war trunk in the museum, he pauses before acknowledging the role his wife, Chris, a civilian, played in his service.

Visitors stopping at the war trunks can open the lid and hear both Col. Moe and Chris, his wife of 53 years, speaking.

Jaspen Boothe, a disabled Army veteran who served for 17 years, first as an 88 Mike (or truck driver), and then as a human resources officer in the ROTC (a college program that prepares young adults for the military), says she was surprised when asked to be a part of the museum's creation.

After the NVMM made its intentions clear -- to be a museum depicting the total military experience for anyone of any role, gender, rank and era -- Boothe was on board.

When Dominguez and his wife, Raven, walked through the museum for the first time, she expressed surprise upon seeing a Civil War sack.

Boothe's experience differs from Moe's, and yet it too, like so many individual pieces of the veteran experience, shares a common denominator: compassion.

The National Veterans Memorial and Museum is in Columbus, Ohio.

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