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A gym trainer exposed 50 athletes to Covid-19, but no one else got sick because of a ventilation redesign

November 19, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

A Virginia gym owner thought she had a nightmare scenario on her hands when she learned that 50 athletes were potentially exposed to Covid-19 particles by one of the gym's coaches. But not a single member ended up contracting the virus, thanks to the extra safety precautions and ventilation measures she put in place.

Minnick consulted Marr on ventilation as well as strict hygiene and distancing protocols to keep athletes as safe as possible while they were working out.

"I knew the virus was transmitted mainly through the air so I thought it was really important to have good ventilation so everyone wasn't able to breathe it," Marr told CNN.

"Ten feet of space has always been my mantra," Marr said, which is more than the recommended six feet because people in the gym would be working out and breathing heavily.

"I did the calculations on how big the space was, what the typical wind speeds were in the area and if the doors were open what would the resulting ventilation be?" Marr said.

Marr said they are now actually able to close the doors a bit more than they initially thought and still meet that ventilation standard using a carbon dioxide monitor to track indoor levels.

"I contacted all of my members on a Monday," Minnick said.

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