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A farmer found a skydiver's missing prosthetic leg in a 110-acre soybean field

July 29, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

Chris Marckres was coming in for a landing on his first-ever skydiving jump when he realized something was missing.

Marckres, who lost both of his legs to complications from diabetes, told CNN that his right prosthetic slipped off on Saturday during the 10,000 foot drop from the plane to the landing zone in West Addison, Vermont.

A woman with law enforcement experience came to help coordinate the effort and a man who trains search and rescue dogs came to search too, Marckres said.

Marszalkowski sent Marckres a picture of the leg, and they made arrangements to meet up on Monday, so he could return it.

The leg barely had a scratch on it, and Marckres said he was able to put it right on and wear it home.

As a compromise, Marszalkowski said he'd take the money to help pay for his own skydiving trip, as long as Marckres goes with him.

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