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A family is trying to get 'orbisculate' into the dictionary to honor their dad who died of Covid-19

February 27, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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You know when you dig into a grapefruit and, suddenly, its juice squirts you in the eye?

It's a word that the Krieger family of Boston is trying to get into the dictionary in honor on their funny, whimsical dad.

I kept on coming back to the word orbisculate as a way to sort of capture that," Hilary Krieger, Neil's daughter, told CNN.

The quest to get orbisculate into the dictionary is more about the journey than the destination, something her father would appreciate, Hilary said.

"Growing up in the household, I just assumed it was a real word," Hilary said.

Hilary said she was taken aback when a college friend told her it wasn't a real word.

They were eating oranges in the Krieger family home when they were in their 20s and Hilary said, "Oh, that orbisculated on you. " After he questioned the word, she added, "Orbisculate, you know, when fruit squirts on you. "

"We really liked that it's a sort of non-traditional way to honor somebody and to memorialize them and hope that other people will find ways to do that," Hilary said.

If people are using it when they talk, and if the word is being used in different places, it makes it more likely that dictionary editors will consider adding it.

The orbisculate website, part of the effort to admit the word into the dictionary, has a list of 50 goals to help get the word used in different places and to encourage people to have fun in these odd times.

Still, getting the word in the dictionary would be like the "icing on the cake," Hilary said.

"I guess at some point, if you go online and you Google the word orbisculate and there it is, on a website or a major dictionary, and where it says its origin, it says that it was coined by Neil Krieger, that would be wonderful and just such a crazy way of seeing my dad live on," she said.

When asked how her father would react to his kids trying to get his word in the dictionary, Hilary said he would laugh.

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