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A Black man who was led through Galveston, Texas, by police officers on horseback is suing the city for $1 million

October 12, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

The lawsuit comes after Donald Neely was arrested and led by mounted officers in Galveston, Texas, by what appeared to be a rope in 2019.

(CNN)A Black man is suing Galveston, Texas, and its police department for more than $1 million after a 2019 incident in which he was handcuffed and tied to officers on horseback as they led him down a street.

Donald Neely, 44, was arrested and charged with criminal trespass near a US Post Office in August of last year.

His arrest received national attention after photos showed two mounted officers from the Galveston Police Department leading Neely through the city by what appeared to be a rope.

Police said at the time that the officer was holding a "line" clipped to Neely's handcuffs, not a rope -- though it's unclear what the difference is.

Critics and advocates said the photos conjured up images of the era of slavery, a point also made in the lawsuit filed by Houston-based attorney Julie Ketterman in Galveston County court on Wednesday.

"(Officers) knew or should have believed that Neely -- being a black man -- being led with a rope and by mounted officers down a city street as though he was a slave, would find this contact offensive," the lawsuit reads.

CNN has also reached out to Galveston Police for comment.

The Galveston Police Department previously apologized for its treatment of Neely, with its police chief saying last year that the officers showed "poor judgment" and "could have waited for a transport unit at the location of the arrest. "

The department said in the weeks following the incident that it had changed its policy to stop the technique of using mounted horses to transport a person during an arrest.

The report was sent to the Galveston police chief to determine whether further action was needed, the city said last year.

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