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A 3rd NYPD member dies of coronavirus after hundreds of officers test positive

March 28, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

At least 512 members of the New York Police Deparment have tested positive for coronavirus, a senior NYPD official said.

(CNN)New York City police lost its first detective to Covid-19, marking the third NYPD death to the disease that has afflicted the department.

Detective Cedric Dixon, a 23-year veteran, worked in the 32nd Precinct in Harlem, NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea said.

Two other members of the department have died from coronavirus, which has infected at least 696 NYPD employees.

Dickson, a custodian who worked at police headquarters, died Thursday, Shea said.

Shea lauded Dickson's commitment to the department, noting the 14-year veteran "worked 17 days straight" during Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

On Friday, NYPD said Giacomina Barr-Brown, a civilian worked in the 49th Precinct Roll Call Office, was the second member of the force to die from coronavirus.

The growing numbers of first responders and health care workers falling sick with coronavirus is doubly worrisome because there are fewer people who can help the public.

On Saturday, 4,342 NYPD employees were out sick, according to a daily coronavirus report from the NYPD.

At least 608 uniformed NYPD members and 88 civilian members have tested positive for coronavirus, the report said.

But if any member feels sick, they should stay home, Shea said.

NYPD officers have been out in their patrol cars and on foot since Sunday night, informing people about the state's social distancing policies, a law enforcement official told CNN.

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