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A 13-year-old invents an emergency kit to prevent drownings on Florida beaches

September 12, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

Florida shores may soon become a bit safer thanks to the ingenuity of 13-year-old Kaial Hajik in Panama City Beach.

(CNN)Florida shores may soon become a bit safer thanks to the ingenuity of 13-year-old Kaial Hajik in Panama City Beach.

After hearing of several drownings in the Gulf of Mexico over the past few years, Kaial, a Boy Scout and aspiring Air Force Academy cadet, worked with his father to devise a emergency kit prototype called the "LifeBoKx".

The LifeBoKx contains basic lifesaving equipment and educational material to be positioned along the shoreline of Panama City Beach.

The idea, Kaial's father, Joe Hajik, told CNN, is not just to save those drowning but to also provide resources for those responding to an emergency.

Kaial and his father say the story of Richard Stacey Redman is a major motivator for the creation of the LifeBoKx. Redman drowned on Panama City Beach in 2019 attempting to rescue a drowning child.

The LifeBoKx is just an idea for now, but the father-son team envisions positioning the emergency kits throughout the Panama City Beach shoreline.

This year, Panama City Beach has witnessed eight confirmed drownings, according to city officials, with strong rip currents a main factor.

Kaial and Joe Hajik presented the LifeBoKx to Spivey and his team.

The LifeBoKx could not stand as a replacement to lifeguards and trained emergency responders -- there was no "magic bullet" for that -- but Spivey says it offers some useful tools, particularly the educational materials, and the potential to help expedite emergency response.

For Kaial and Joe Hajik, the idea centers on providing the resources to save lives, both for those needing rescue and rescuers.

After presenting their idea to the local Optimist Club of the Beaches, a national organization dedicated to youth empowerment, Kaial and Joe Hajik plan to present the LifeBoKx to other groups and ultimately to the city council.

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