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8 of the world's most stunning micro-houses

November 17, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

With its "less is more" ethos, the small-house movement is one of architecture's responses to rising living costs and urban density.

This article is an edited excerpt of her new book "Living Little: Simplicity and Style in a Small Space. "

Designed to provide people with a digital detox, this small, off-grid and eco-friendly cabin in South Australia's Adelaide Hills allows residents to become re-acquainted with the natural environment surrounding it.

More a minimal design object than a house, Casa ParĂ¡sito accommodates two people on a rooftop in San Juan, Ecuador.

Within, an interior layout is marked by a rectangular core -- also the main living area -- from which all other utilitarian spaces, such as the kitchen, dining table, bathroom, bed, work area, and storage are accessed.

Its main features include an angled roof to minimize the accumulation of snow, a wood-stripped interior and exterior, and an open grill that warms the space.

High in the Colorado Mountains, this off-grid home (also pictured top) was built by its occupants, a pair of tiny-house enthusiasts who now live there with their two dogs.

This design offers panoramic views of the countryside and, while only taking up a very small space, the treehouse's interior unravels into three zones: a work area, a sleeping area and a lounge.

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