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5 ways to get top dollar for your used car

July 21, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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This could be the best time ever to sell or trade in your used car.

Used cars are selling for record high prices, and that's clearly good news for those looking to sell.

The retail price for a 9-year old car is up $3,000 to $13,250.

3. Sell the car yourself

One way to maximize the price is to sell the car yourself.

If you are going to sell to a dealership, either through a trade-in, the return of a leased vehicle or a straight sale, do what you would for a car purchase — shop around.

But be sure to check with the dealer you're looking to sell the car to before you agree to purchase it at the end of the lease to make sure that there will be no problem "flipping" the car right after you get the title.

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