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5 tips for hosting a virtual holiday party

November 18, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

With rising case numbers worldwide, the Covid-19 pandemic has guaranteed that holiday celebrations will look different this year. What should you consider as you plan a virtual holiday party? How can you make it memorable? Here are five ways to shine.

For most of us — at least those of us who plan to follow government guidelines — that means it may be time to host a holiday celebration that unfolds in the same virtual environment as work and school.

Paula Rizzo, a media trainer and author in New York City, suggested holiday hosts look at the virtual event as an opportunity for creativity.

Rizzo added that while she advises against using custom Zoom backgrounds for work, incorporating them for a virtual holiday event could make the celebration more enjoyable.

As Rizzo experienced during her birthday celebration, food and drink offer an obvious opportunity for friends and family members to come together during virtual holidays.

In Salt Lake City, author Lindsay Eagar was planning to build her virtual holiday Zoom around dessert.

All live events are better with entertainment, and your virtual holiday celebration is no exception.

Canadians celebrate their version of Thanksgiving on the second Monday of October, which means they already have experienced virtual events for the annual holiday.

If magic isn't your family's jam, leveraging technology to play virtual games might be another way to celebrate as an extended group.

Eagar, the author in Salt Lake City, said her family loves Marco Polo, an app that enables users to send short video snippets to each other, and noted that they were looking forward to playing movie quote trivia with that technology on Thanksgiving.

Jared Reichert, founder and creative director of Kiki Kit, a Palm Springs, California, company that makes virtual party box kits, said charades is one of his favorites because "it requires barely any supplies. " He added that families can create their own trivia contests and leverage Zoom's polling feature to quiz relatives and judge them right after.

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