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30 products that make you feel like you're on vacation...even when you're not

January 12, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Instead of dreaming of a getaway, why not find some ways to bring the vacation vibes to your everyday life? These picks are sure to make you feel like you're somewhere far away, even when you're definitely not.

Keep reading to find some of our favorite products that are sure to make you feel like you’re somewhere far away, even when you’re definitely not.

Luckily, Sur La Table offers live online cooking classes where you’re taught by an expert chef how to make dishes of your dreams.

Just place an order ahead of time to get the dish you’ve been craving shipped to you straight from the restaurant, like New Orleans’ Commander’s Palace three-course dinner of Creole cuisine that feels like a getaway.

But who says you can’t set up one at your home?

Make your bed with Parachute’s Sheet Set, which we named the best overall linen sheets for their luxurious feel and a la carte purchasing options.

A fun game of spikeball with your family might make forget you’re just in your backyard and not on a family beach vacation.

The touch of greenery and the fresh aroma are sure to make your bathroom feel like a spa.

Diving into one of these will definitely make you fee like you’re already on your journey, and help you plan your own adventure once it’s safe to travel again.

The right bath oil can make you feel like a goddess and get you prepped for slumber.

Bring a bit of the country’s cuisine home with this sushi making kit.

We all tend to get our best sleep in hotel beds, so we’re committed to making our own feel just as good.

Smooth, glowing skin is key to looking and feeling like you’re on vacation.

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