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3 takeaways from President Joe Biden's first G7 summit

June 13, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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When President Joe Biden and his aides were planning his visit to the Cornish coast this weekend, many -- including the President -- viewed it as something of a homecoming.

Long a fixture at international summits, Biden's return to the table represented more than just an elder statesman finally taking his place among the club of world leaders.

Global earthquakes like Brexit and the coronavirus pandemic had not yet happened the last time Biden attended a diplomatic summit as an elected leader and were major topics of discussion in Cornwall.

If the 45th President was sometimes pictured looking sullen as other leaders united against him, Biden seemed to take pains to look relaxed and comfortable among the world leaders, even when differences arose.

Biden leaned into an embrace from French President Emmanuel Macron, with both men pressing into each other's sides as they walked arm-in-arm into the summit venue, forcing other leaders to walk around.

In his first months in office, Biden tried conducting meetings with foreign leaders over video conference.

Over the course of the three-day summit, Biden met individually with at least four leaders, and sat for hours of talks with the entire group.

Biden, at his news conference, said he believed he had moved some of the leaders along toward his view.

Speaking herself to reporters following the summit, Merkel was frank that just having Biden in the US seat at the G7 wasn't an end to the problems facing the world.

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