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20,000 more Americans could die from Covid-19 in the next 21 days, CDC ensemble forecast shows

August 2, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

The US has reported more deaths linked to coronavirus than anywhere else in the world and updated models show 20,000 more Americans could die in just the next three weeks.

The state reported more than 500 new cases Saturday, according to the governor, including 11 infections that were in children aged 3 or younger.

Despite a surge in cases in the past several weeks, experts insist the ways to curb the spread remain simple: avoid gatherings, social distance and wear a mask.

In Washington state, health officials said at least 30% of residents who tested positive for coronavirus caught it from someone who was asymptomatic.

"We're getting close to about 55% of Americans wearing a mask," said Dr. Chris Murray, a researcher behind an influential coronavirus model from the University of Washington.

Researchers in Texas reported that just two weeks of social distancing policies cut the spread of the virus by about 65% globally, preventing more than 1. 5 million new cases.

Republican officials said they were forced to limit attendance due to social distancing restrictions imposed by the state's governor.

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