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20 ways to update your WFH wardrobe while still wearing leggings

October 12, 2020. Summarized by summa-bot.

If you're looking to jazz up your go-to Zoom or quick errands outfit, we spoke to stylists about all the cute outfits you can still wear with leggings that can perk up your WFH wardrobe.

Whether it’s for a job interview, an important meeting or just a happy hour with friends, looking good from the top down can be easy, says Austin, Texas-based stylist Laurel Kinney: “The easiest approach to styling leggings is to go for a more relaxed top to balance out the tight fit down below, but the length of this top is up to personal preference. ”

If you like a cropped look with your leggings, this cozy sweatshirt from Girlfriend Collective will keep you feeling snuggled up this fall.

“To balance out your lower half and draw attention to your face, try layering something collared, like a relaxed denim or trench-style jacket over your leggings (bonus points for layering the jacket over a hoodie). ”

“A sleek combat boot can be a fun way to add edge and balance to your leggings, but you can also pair your favorite bootie, high-top or dad sneaker. ”

Straddling the line between combat boot and bootie, these sweet lace-up boots instantly add a pop of interest to a casual leggings-and-sweater look.

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