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11,000 cartons of ice cream are being recalled because they may contain metal pieces

January 13, 2021. Summarized by summa-bot.

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Before you settle down for a bowl of your favorite frozen treat, beware of mouthful of metal pieces.

A recall has been issued for more than 11,000 containers of Weis Markets ice cream products that may be contaminated with metal equipment parts, according to the FDA.

"The products may be contaminated with extraneous material, specifically metal filling equipment parts," said the company in a news release, adding there is concern the foreign material could be a choking hazard.

The recall covers 10,869 units of Weis Quality Cookies and Cream Ice Cream 48-ounce containers and 502 3-gallon bulk containers of Klein's Vanilla Dairy Ice Cream.

There is one report of a customer who found an "intact piece of metal equipment" in a 48-ounce carton of cookies and cream, the company said.

It was sold to one retail establishment in New York and has been removed, the company said.

Additional ice cream products that were packaged on the same day as the recalled items were stored in a warehouse and not distributed, according to the company.

Customers looking for additional information may contact Weis Customer Service, said the company.

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